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Richmond, B.C.

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Garden landscape supplies, Topsoil, Landscaping services,
Sand, Gravel, Mulch, Manure & Aggregates delivered fast!

Our Garden & Landscape Supplies can give you a front yard like this!

* Topsoil * Sand * Gravel * Bark Mulch * Manure * Garden & Landscape Supplies *

           No load too big or small, family owned & operated since 1973.

A Little-Bit Deliveries is one of the premier full service landscaping & gardening supply companies in the greater Vancouver area. Our services include landscape creation, landscape maintenance, lawn installation and topsoil manufacture. We offer delivery of Topsoil, Sand, Gravel, Bark Mulch & Mushroom Manure with our fleet of Dump Trucks. We also offer excavating services with our multiple Bobcats & Backhoes. Our experienced landscapers serve both residential and commercial properties guaranteeing clean, prompt service.

A Little-Bit Deliveries is a certified, professional, family owned/operated landscaping & gardening supply company that has been serving the Vancouver, Richmond and South Delta area for thirty seven (37) years!

Don't trust your landscaping or gardening to anyone with a lawnmower. A Little-Bit Deliveries is licensed, bonded & insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise, at the same prices as inexperienced landscapers.

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5 Star Review on Google!  5 Star Review on Google!
Topsoil * Sand * Gravel * Bark Mulch * Manure * Garden & Landscape Supplies
Our topsoil gives you a lawn like this!Our manure & topsoil gives you flowers like these!

Use this calculator to estimate how much soil, mulch, or gravel you need for your project.

Just enter your desired length in feet, width in feet, and depth in inches or feet to calculate how many cubic yards you will need.

Cubic Yard Calculator

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<-- Select unit of measurement for depth
Cubic Yards Required:

To use this Calculator, please enter the width, the length, and the depth of the desired product. Then select either depth in inches or feet and click on the CALCULATE button. The calculator will then estimate the number of cubic yards that will be required.

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